Kraken exchange allows you to strengthen the security of your account with two-factor authentication. This features blocks the accessibility of the Kraken account until you do not confirm your identity. Once you enable two-factor authentication in your Kraken account, you have to go one step ahead to confirm the mobile number that you have linked with 2FA. Until you do not verify this mobile number, you are not able to sign in to your account. 

Users who have turned on this feature on their Kraken login account but they are struggling to verify the mobile number due to any reason need to bypass the 2FA to access the account. People can get one-time access to the Kraken account by speaking about the exact issue with the Kraken customer service agent. If you are also one of those people who are getting the issues with Kraken 2FA then you need to refer to the steps that we are going to mention in the below section.

Way to bypass the Kraken exchange 2FA

Users of the Kraken account can bypass the 2FA by approaching the steps that are given below:

  1. With the help of a browser, visit the Kraken exchange site
  2. Get to the ‘Contact Us’ page and look for the phone number
  3. Find the Kraken customer service phone number
  4. Take a phone and dial the Kraken phone number
  5. Connect your call with the Kraken support agent
  6. Now, you need to speak about the issue that your facing with 2FA
  7. If necessary, provide the last successful login details and other information
  8. Follow the path told by the Kraken support agent to access the account

After bypassing the Kraken exchange 2FA, you need to update the information of the two-factor authentication or you can disable the 2FA to fix the issues. 


To sum up, the Kraken exchange account can be made more secure with the help of the Kraken 2FA. If you have enabled the two-factor authentication feature in your Kraken login account but your linked mobile number is not active anymore then you need to follow the path to bypass it. To bypass the Kraken 2FA, you need to follow the steps that are concluded above in this post. While speaking the issues to the Kraken agent do not forget to provide valid and correct information asked by the agent.